Wednesday, February 3

B Street and Vine - San Mateo

It's time to let the Bay Area make up where SLO lacked and also for yelp to redeem itself. And redeem it did. Let's head over to B Street and Vine in San Mateo for some wine on - wait for it - B STREET!

Damn that looks like alot of alcohol. It equates to just one Widmer Hef and one glass.5 of bomb ass sangria (although not as bomb as Cha3, to be discussed at a later date).

Yes, this is just one order. Apparently B Street and Vine is known for their bruschetta. $12 gets you four pieces of bread with four toppings of your choice. In clockwise order from top left corner we have: 
1) Tomato basil with fresh mozzarella and olive oil (they could've just said Caprese topping)
2) Marinated artichoke hearts with sundried tomato and feta cheese
3) Sweet mushroom, bell peppers, and feta cheese
4) Smoked salmon with capers on marscapone

And here's my rating in clockwise order: 
1) meh
2) better than meh
3) mmm
*watch Post Grad for this reference*

In fact, these bruschettas were so good that we tried to replicate this meal the next weekend with much success. Ask me for tips if you're interested.

It's hard to follow up the first act, but P. Diddy's smoked salmon panini did a fine job. It was actually really good, but after God gives birth in your mouth, it's hard to compete.

Hi, I'm a tri-tip salad. I'm paradoxically light and filling at the same time. Some may even say, I'm nom nom nom.

I like this picture because it looks like we're having a huge feast on a large table instead of just a medium feast on a small table.

B Street and Vine gets an A+ from me. I even did a yelp review on it. My general rule with yelping is that I'm not going to yelp a place unless I think its so fantastic it must be shared, or its so shitty it must be warned against. I will definitely go back here to try the different flavors of bruschetta (there were alot of options). But now that I've learned how to make some of the toppings at home, maybe I won't be back that much.

And yes, this was rated 4 stars on yelp and I think it rightly deserved it.

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