Sunday, January 31

San Luis Obispo 2010 - Hearst Castle

I welcome you to the last stop of the SLO trip. Are you tired of SLO by now? Do you want to read about something else already? Well be thankful I'm bringing San Luis Obispo to the comfort of your own home, minus the hellish ride on Highway 1. NEVER, EVER, EVER take the 1 anywhere. Anyways, let's proceed to this dead rich guy's crib.
Hearst Castle requires purchasing tickets at the visitor center, where we found this lovely piece of art. Must be a lost Michaelangelo sculpture of a mythical sea creature.

And then we took the bus up a winding road because rich people like to live in inconvenient places.

Take that, Michael Phelps!

You know the saying, small man,

I don't know wtf happens when you save pictures from shutterfly to your own computer, but I assure you, this is supposed to be a good pic.

Executive board room/library.

Majestic indoor swimming pool. Fun fact: Employees of Hearst Castle and the local San Simeon Parks and Recreation (?) and their families, are allowed to swim in either the outdoor pool or this pool one day out of the whole year. Usually they get the outdoor pool unless otherwise stated. ONE WHOLE DAY!

I'll leave you with this picturesque sunset view from one of the top floors of the house.

Hearst Castle Tour - $24
Time Spent - 1 hour 45 minutes ish.
Being told by some lady that "we don't touch the marble at all, miss." - priceless. Actually it's not priceless. It cost $24 effin dollars is what it costs.

But I liked it. Hearst Castle is cool. I felt like I learned a bit more about California history by going here. Pretty sure I won't look at my pictures of old rooms and books and clothes years from now but the experience will not be forgotten.

Hearst Castle on Yelp


  1. Dang, I'm gonna apply for a job at Hearst, and then work there for two days. Day 1 = get to know the castle, Day 2 = swim in the pool (it's too beautiful!...from your pictures, at least)

  2. I just noticed. Phil is pimpin!!! haha. give me a call next time so I can balance out the gender ratio. it's like the opposite of China. 25% male, 75% female for the win! no offense ladies :-)



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