Wednesday, March 30

Girl's Night at New KrungThai - San Jose

My favorite Thai restaurant in San Jose, or anywhere, is Krung Thai. There are two Krung Thai restaurants down the same street and rumor has it that the owners divorced and the wife opened New Krung Thai down the street. I've eaten at both plenty of times. I've taken a bunch of food pictures here. Why haven't I posted them? The lighting is often so dim in the dining area that none of my pictures have been usable. I've also always forgotten my camera and had to rely on my poor phone camera. Anyway, in digging through my old pictures, I found some usable pictures of a girl's night at Krung Thai with my classmates. Please enjoy.

$12.95 for a large, Tom Kha Gai - Lemon grass coconut soup.Creamy coconut flavor with tangy and spicy seasoning. The best part is the mushroom. The large served 6 with extra for me! yay.

Some of our spread, minus the crab noodles and pad thai. The first two dishes will be discussed shortly but I want to focus on the yellow chicken curry. $10.95 - Gaeng ga ree. I loved the mild yellow curry flavor on top of rice and as always the chicken is really tender.

$9.95 - I forgot so I'm guessing this is the Jan Pad Phoo, Thai rice stick noodles with crab meat, eggs, and chili. Very delicious. My absolute favorite is still the classic pad thai.

 $13.95 - Goong Gra Tiem , again also guessing the name but I think this is the crispy fried prawns with crispy onion and garlic topping. I've eaten so many times and tried so many things at Krung Thai and yet this baby slipped under the radar...until now. My classmate introduced this to me for the first time and I am definitely going back for more. The best best best part is the crispy onion topping. I started putting that on the noodles and basically everything. It adds so much flavor.

$17.95 - Garm Phoo Mor-Din, crab claws in clay pot with cellophane noodles. This was also my first time trying this dish. It is much lighter in your stomach than the other heavier foods. Also delicious. So I pretty much loved everything, as I always have. Hooray for the favorite Thai restaurant still being the favorite!

Sweet sticky rice with mango, no price because it varies by season. A few Asian countries have this as a dessert, and I've tried different variations. All are wonderful, including this one. Of course Krung Thai has good presentation points because of that orchid. =D

$4.95 - Fried banana and ice cream. We chose vanilla ice cream but you can choose coconut or mango ice cream instead. LOVED THIS! How can you go wrong with ice cream and something fried?

Afterwards we hopped across the street for some drinks and dancing at Rosie McCann's. Girl's night out fun!!!

I love Krung Thai, and I still love it. I love Thai food in general. Maybe I should go somewhere with this type of tropical food for my honeymoon. yummy...traveling for food. I hope that if you ever try Krung Thai, either old or new, you will like it just as much as I do.

New Krung Thai on Yelp


  1. YUM! I think I've been there a few times and it is great! Have you ever tried Thai Lovers in San Jose? It's wonderful too!

  2. You make me hungry.



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