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Teske's Germania Restaurant & Beer Garden - San Jose

Kind of a cute little fellow isn't he?

How about his friend with the broken nose? 

The other week, Phil and I had the pleasure of trying German food for the first time. Well first time if you don't count the polish dog with sauerkraut I had on campus one time. That's hardly considered authentic German though. My classmates were celebrating the end of our quarter with a big dinner and beer fest at Teske's Germania in downtown San Jose.

Everyone and their sigs took up the large banquet table in the dining hall. When you enter Teske's you pass through a dimly lit bar with wooden floors which reminds me of an Irish pub. Patrons are casually dressed and it looks like they come there for a few drinks and sports games. Few steps later, you enter the dining area and it's a roomy dining hall with stuffed animals of the non-fluffy variety on the wall.

Look, I even found a German drinking German beer. SO AUTHENTIC!

The beers were really good from what I sampled. I've grown quite fond of beers ever since we hosted our beer tasting and from this selection of German beers, I was very impressed.

Regardless of what entree you ordered, everyone was served with a creamy potato soup. Pretty good except for it being too salty. Had great potential.

The salad was rather lackluster with a barely noticeable dressing and some pickled cabbage on top.

We had also ordered appetizers to pass around. First around were fries and onion bread. The fries were good.

Then came this mushy on the inside, crispy on the outside potato cake-thing with apple sauce topping. LOVED IT! It was sweet and crispy fun.

LOVES IT with a cheesey smile. (this was the onion bread though).

($19) Wurst Platte - Polish sausage and bratwurst with sauerkraut and potato salad. The polish sausage which is darker was made of pork and the lighter bratwurst was made of veal (*tear drops for baby cows*). Overall I thought the dish was ok. The sausages were super good, especially the polish sausage. The sauerkraut was not that good, too sour and even the potato salad was sour. I was just not used to these sides. But man that polish sausage was good.

($23) hah for once, Phil's plate costs more than mine. He got what was nicknamed the "breakfast, lunch, and dinner plate" which is the Holsteiner Schnitzel. A couple people had food envy when the waitress described his plate. It contains a breaded pork cutlet with fried eggs, anchovy, capers, fried potatoes, and fresh seasonal veggies. I found the pork cutlet to be too dry but he enjoyed it. Everything else was very delicious. Now the fresh seasonal veggies, I'd have to dispute that. Did pickled red cabbage = fresh or the cooked peppers on the side?

The meal ends with one of the best apple strudels I've ever had. The crust was just so flakey and chewy. mmm so good

The boys say bye!

 Teske's is a really great place for large parties. Per entree, the price is somewhat high but then I realize you get soup, salad, and dessert with each entree so the price is very fair. We walked away stuffed. Some items were a miss for me, some were a hit, some were just bland but overall the experience was good. The beers alone are definitely worth a visit to Teske's, even if you just sit at the bar.

Teske's on Yelp

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  1. Looks like a fun time! I want a bite of that crispy potato thing!



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