Monday, April 4

Burger Bar - San Francisco

This weekend, Phil and I had some errands to run in San Francisco and we sort of made a day of it at Union Square. Here is the view from Macy's 7th floor looking down at Union Square. I love San Francisco excursions and this is why. yay!

Since we were already at Macy's and our tummies were growing hungrier by the minute, we decided to have lunch at Burger Bar on the 6th floor. It looks like Macy's answer to Nordstrom's Cafe Bistro.

Burger Bar has a great view of Union Square and makes for a great dining atmosphere. Here he is perusing the menu.

($16) American Classic Burger with oyster mushrooms and sweet potato fries. While there is an option for patrons to build their own burger, Phil decided to go with the American Classic Burger ($14.50), replacing the button mushrooms with oyster mushrooms (extra charge) and the regular fries with sweet potato fries (no extra charge). The medium rare was pretty rare but we don't mind. It was very good. The oyster mushrooms were definitely the right choice because it gave the American classic a more exotic taste. mmm. Thanks to KG, who's love of sweet potato fries is so overwhelming that she had to specifically give these up for lent, I decided that I would try sweet potato fries for the first time. The verdict? Good but I still prefer my regular fries.

($9.95) Grilled shrimp salad, size small. I figured I would split the burger with Phil and so I wouldn't need to order something huge for myself so I went with the small shrimp salad. With a few pieces of butter lettuce stacked vertically, some grilled veggie slices, and 3 regular shrimp, not even jumbo sized, I feel very ripped off. The dressing was a vinaigrette that tasted just like lemon juice.  I was expecting a salad that was if not very filling, then at least complex and unique. This was neither but it wasn't bad because you can't go wrong with fresh ingredients. Still not worth the price though.

 Food may appear larger in pictures than in real life. Also, vertically stacking slices of lettuce gives the appearance of more food.

While the food was pretty good, it was not outstanding. Portions were teeny, not just for the salad but also for the burger. Neither dish deserved its price point. The view was excellent but we will not be returning here again to get jipped out of hard earned money. 


  1. Wow, $16 is a pretty hefty price for a burger! I hope it was at least very delicious! But you are in the heart of SF and inside a very big dept store :p

  2. Looks delish, but boo on the over-pricing!



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