Sunday, March 18

Goi Ngo Sen - Vietnamese Lotus Stem Salad

This refreshing traditional Vietnamese salad is really easy to make. It can be time consuming to cut everything but once you make a whole batch, it can keep for a week and the fish sauce I made to dress the salad can also keep for a long time.

I loosely followed this recipe. The directions are easy to follow so feel free to use that recipe if you don't already know how to make the salad. Basically I only followed the directions for the carrots and red onions. I made the rest from my knowledge of what goes into this dish and from what I had available. Along with quartered lotus stems and julienned carrots, I added re-hydrated dried cucumber strips, all of which can be found at an Asian market. I diluted the fish sauce with leftover Coco Rico soda from the caramelized chicken recipe. Goi sen is my favorite Vietnamese salad next to papaya and beef jerky salad and now I have enough to last me the week, if there's any left after a week.

Phil was not home this night so I took the liberty of indulging myself in a lean, almost vegetarian (except for the shrimp in the salad) dinner. I paired the salad with sauteed gai lan (Chinese broccoli) in oyster sauce and garlic chunks. Usually when I don't have to cook for two, I eat much healthier and sometimes have little or no carbs because when hubby's away, that's what wifey likes to eat.

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