Friday, March 23

Mu Shu Pork Lettuce Wraps

Mu Shu Pork is one of the few ways I enjoy eating pork. It's not my meat of choice but on rare occasions I will have it. The Food Network website has this simple recipe I followed. I only used what I had and omitted the ingredients I didn't have, which were: Napa cabbage, peanut oil (substituted with sesame), eggs, ginger. It still worked out well.

Phil did a dandy job shredding carrots with the mandolin slicer. I'm proud.

Instead of wrapping the pork in Mandarin Pancakes, I put them in romaine lettuce leaves for a healthier and lighter meal. Even after following precise directions, the pork was still a bit bland. Squeezing a strip of Hoisin sauce at the bottom of the leaf before scooping in the pork helped alot. In the end, the each bite was really delicious. I love julienned woodear mushrooms; they have the best springy texture.

To round out the rest of the meal, I heated leftovers from the night before. Do you recognize the gai lan and the lotus stem salad? I also made a new batch of noodles with chives.

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  1. I tried to make pork lettuce wraps (but not mu shu pork style, more of a Thai style), but as soon as I added my marinated meat, the pan lost its heat and it turned into a watery mess. I tried scooping out everything and reducing the sauce. It helped, but not much... It looks like you escaped that fate. It looks really delicious! =P



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