Thursday, March 15

Flavor of the Month: Yogurt Crab Dip

I was stubbornly convinced that I could make a hot yogurt dip without using mayonnaise or cream cheese. When my attempt failed, I decided to make a cold crab dip and it was delicious. My dip included roasted garlic, celery, crab meat, green onions and Greek yogurt.

Garlics roasting on and open fire...No? Tha'ts not now the song goes?

I ran out of my 64oz tub of Costco yogurt in only 1.5 weeks. That's what a parfait a day and some smoothies will do. So I am giving the increasingly popular Greek yogurt a try. "Once you go Greek, you never go back," some may say. Fage and Chobani are popular Greek yogurt brands but Sunnyside Farms (Lucky's generic brand) was cheaper and works just as well.


1 can crab meat
3 table spoons or dollops of Greek or plain yogurt
1 stalk of celery chopped(not the whole bundle, just one stalk)
1 stalk of green onion chopped into small pieces
1 clove roasted garlic (15 minutes at 350F in the toaster oven should do)
Grated pepper jack cheese, to taste
salt pepper, to taste
lemon juice, just a squeeze

Combine crab meat, garlic, and cheese into a bowl and heat in the microwave for 30-40 seconds. Add celery, green onion, salt, pepper, lemon juice and mix. Add Greek yogurt and mix. Serve with pita chips, celery or carrot sticks, toasted bread slices, the possibilities are endless.

If anyone's curious, here's how the baked yogurt dip disaster turned out. Separating layers of watery yogurt. Yummy?

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