Tuesday, August 30

Bachelorette SF - First Crush Restaurant & Bar

In June, I went to part 1 of my bachelorette celebration in San Francisco. Myself and 4 other lovely ladies headed up for dinner, dancing, and brunch. It was a short and quick but fun night and I really dug how they dolled me up. If you recall, this was when we saw that random polar bear guy. We tried one of the restaurants on Dine About Town, a promotion where during certain dates, various high end restaurants will have special set meals at a discounted price (3 courses for $34.95). We all ordered our 3 courses but sampled from each other's plates.How ironic that we chose First Crush on a night to celebrate my last crush ever!

The ambiance at First Crush was dark and subdued. The dining area is a staircase downwards from street level; I'm never really a fan of eating in underground areas but I don't hate it. I ordered the Das Flight! of white wines. This is not part of the deal and I forgot how much it was. Did not really enjoy this flight. Nothing notable about it.

First Crush Garden Greens - I liked this salad as I'm always a fan of baby greens.

Classic Caesar Salad - I did not like this salad as I've never really been a fan of Caesar salad and as you can see, there seems to be more effort in eating this dish than in making it.

Crispy Monterey Bay Calamari - sorry for the blurry picture. Jalapenos, Fresno chili, green onions, sweet and spicy glaze. We all really enjoyed this dish. It was the best appetizer we had ordered. The sweet and spicy glaze was reminiscent of the sweet and spicy chili garlic sauce I used with the chili garlic shrimp.

I think its what's left of the plate of grilled organic delta asparagus. Hand made tortilla, potato hummus, marinated toybox tomatoes, queso fresco, romanesco. I don't remember what this tasted like and judging by the portion size, we were probably ripped off. Also, judging by the description I don't recognize, it was probably unremarkable.

Black pepper linguini with organic grilled chicken - this came with a basil pesto sauce. This was the best dish of the whole meal. The pesto sauce was very good and creamy. The dish was a bit on the saltier side so I couldn't finish the whole thing but it was tasty.

Pan roasted line caught halibut -I don't think I tasted this one. I'm not a huge fan of fish prepared in any non-Asian style. Apparently, this didn't interest me too much. But oooh, edible flower petal garnishes.

Crush burger with house fries - also nothing notable about this. The fries were pretty good but overall, I wasn't wowed.

seasonal sorbet - I'm a big fan of sorbet and many fruit flavored foods. This sorbet didn't disappoint. I don't recall what flavor it was, maybe mango? I always find sorbet to be refreshing and delicious.

Chocolate chip bread pudding with chocolate syrup and vanilla bean ice cream. The only thing I tried was the ice cream but my friends recall alot of chocolate going on. For chocolate lovers, that must be a good thing.

First Crush was just meh. Mostly it was unremarkable. The highlight was the calamari dish which was very flavorful and the desserts were good. If you average $35 for 3 courses, it's still about $11 each course which I think is still on the pricey side considering portion size. There wasn't anything special about the food that deserved this price point. Oh wells, I'll forget this meal soon.

We went to our hotel room after dinner where Dee did my hair and pinned this lovely bright pink, phallic toy adorned little hat. Don't I look cute, single and ready to mingle? We went to club Slide in San Francisco where you can go down a slide to get in the club. I wore leggings just so I could be admitted on the slide but no one else wanted to go. Honestly, I was scared of going down the slide because it's dark on the other side and you don't know how fast you're going to end up in the arms of a creepy stranger waiting below. We drank, we danced, we played games and met people and took pictures with them and after reviewing these pictures, I wish I hadn't taken pictures with them. All in good fun my dears. Adieu,til my next bachelorette recap post...

First Crush on Yelp

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