Wednesday, August 24

3 egg dao miao - Sauteed pea sprouts with salted, thousand year old, and scrambled egg

Remember the sauteed snow pea leaves that I love so much? It's time I added a twist to them. I had the pleasure or trying a 3 egg version from a Chinese restaurant recently and really loved it. There was the black tea egg, the salted egg, and regular eggs in this dish. I couldn't find a recipe for it as I didn't know the name and search phrases like "3 egg dao miao" and "triple egg dao miao" etc. yielded no results. So I wung it!

I got myself some black tea eggs, some salted duck eggs, regular jumbo eggs, and a bag of snow pea leaves, which are going out of season and quickly increasing in price lately.

I cut 2 of each of the preserved eggs and sauteed it quickly with oil and garlic.

Then after tossing in the snow pea leaves and wilting them, I added 2 beaten eggs and turned off the heat.

The final result was a less than stellar in appearance. Here are my thoughts:

Things I did wrong:
  • Proportion: I should have used one of each egg. The black tea eggs were very overwhelming.
  • I was later told by a friend that the beaten eggs should be added to the juice leftover at the end to make an egg ribbon consistency, then added on top of the plated dish. This makes so much sense now because the eggs had become chunky and dark, taking on the black egg's color.
  • Needless to say, Phil was unenthusiastic about this dish.
Things I did right:
  • For the first time ever after making this dish so many times, the leaves were tender and soft and more like sauteed than steamed. Why? I used more oil this time and did not cover with a lid while cooking.The snow pea leaves portion of this dish was really on point, and were it not muddled by the eggs, it would have been a great dish.



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