Monday, August 22

Stir Fried Egg Noodles with Yellow Chives

I've often seen this noodle dish in Phil's mom's refrigerator and its one of his favorites. The yellow chive was really intriguing and I've been anxious to try it myself one day. Then I saw an episode of Bizarre Foods where Andrew Zimmern goes to China and he watches a top chef, who is especially known for making this noodle dish, showcasing his talents. Basically the chef put cooked egg noodles, chives, and bean sprouts together in a hot wok and slowly poured soy sauce in while mixing the noodles. Sounds simple enough.

On a trip to the Asian market, I decided to splurge on yellow chives. They're a bit pricey. This bunch was $2 something and is only about a handful's worth. Yellow chives are garlic chives that have been grown under cover, without sunlight.

The chives were just enough for this packet of 4 bundles of thin egg noodles. I forget how much these were but its pretty cheap. Under $2.

I cooked the egg noodles really quickly in boiling water, no more than 10 seconds and stirring it to break apart the chunk. Then I sauteed the noodles and chive together with soy sauce until I felt the noodles were evenly coated.

Yay! It doesn't look like it, but its super yummy. The yellow chives taste much like green chives but a little mellower and sweeter. It also cooks faster so dont' overcook like I did or it becomes a little mushy. If I had some bean sprouts, I'd toss them in there too. I've been in an egg noodle phase and have been wanting it in everything from soups to stir fries. You should definitely try this dish, it's very simple and hard to mess up, and cheap. It can definitely be jazzed up with more veggies and protein but is also really good by itself and some Sriracha sauce. Makes a tasty quick meal.


  1. Yum - looks so easy and delicious!

  2. yumm. i love yellow chives! one of my fave family dish is scrambled eggs with yellow chives (+ shrimp if you have any) mixed into it. you should try it! pretty easy too.



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