Tuesday, September 6

Bachelorette SF - Park Chow

What's the best cure to a hangover? MORE ALCOHOL! I wouldn't say these mimosas helped anyone's hangovers, but they were a good start to our morning after brunch at Park Chow.

This maple syrup looks fancy.

($12.75) Thai style organic chicken breast salad - This sounded more interesting than it tasted. It was pretty good but a little plain because the dressing was just chili, lime, herb, mint, and peanuts. I was expecting a complex peanut dressing. But that's no fault of Park Chow. I just see in menus what I wish would be there.

I don't remember the names and prices of what my friends ate and also didn't taste their food so please enjoy some information-less food porn.
I did get to try some of this pancake and it was scrumptious! Soft and fluffy.

Sherbear is back on the West Coast finally! She came out to meet us for brunch. Yay friendship!

The gang + Sherry + 2 dudes we picked up. Actually they're friends of friends.

I really liked Park Chow. As far as brunch places go, Park Chow is one of the best ones I've had. This is not just from the Thai chicken salad I had but from the little bits of food I got to sample from my friends. The options are great and the portions are large. Everything tastes really fresh and clean and is great for starting the day. The atmosphere upstairs is a bit warm but I felt like I was dining in a big tree house and tree houses always get cool points with me. The mimosas were beautiful and a little too strong but it does the job. I highly recommend going here for brunch if you're ever in San Francisco's inner sunset district. What a great way to end the Bachelorette SF trip.


  1. What's up with these "organic" joints? If I eat organic chicken, does that make me an organic human? If I fall out of a boat, a shark eats me, fish consume the remains of the dead shark, fisherman catch the fish and sell it to Zacky Farms, who in turn grind up the fish to make feed for their chicken farms, would the chicken from those farms be organic?

  2. Shawn, no, that does not make the resulting chickens organic because it means chemical free, and I'm sure the alcohol in you is a chemical.

    Also, I'm not eating organic on purpose, but it does feel pretentiously good to say I ate at an organic joint.



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