Sunday, September 11

Bachelorette LA - Pho and Our Decorated Hotel Room

Welcome to part 2 of the debauchelorette parties! Because coordination of a larger group wasn't working out, I split my friends and coworkers into two. You've seen how we wined and dined in San Francisco, now let's fly down to Los Angeles for more debauchery.

Kicking off the flight with alcohol and gray cardigans. These trouble makers...We all coincidentally packed gray cardigans for the trip.

Slick blue rental SUV! whoop whoop!

We were really hungry and our first stop was to get some comfort food. Our food app and GPS guided us to the nearest pho restaurant. I don't remember the name.

Look at this, the menu is in Vietnamese, English, AND Korean. How multi-cultural.

mm my bowl of pho tai sach (pho with beef shank and tripe). It was pretty good and the portion size was generous.

The spread.

After checking into our hotel, we took a quick dip in the pool and got ready for our first night out. My sister kept me busy at Target while the girls prepared a little surprise...

meet my not-so-little friend, Pinky. Isn't he lovely with his wormish hairs?

and where has this guy been the last few years huh? His peak may have come and gone, but thanks to this life size cardboard cut out, we will forever enjoy him in his prime.

Does anybody need laundry done? I have a washboard...



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