Wednesday, September 14

Bachelorette LA - Sushi Gen - Palm Tree Korean Bar

My last bachelorette recap left me in the arms of a handsome Fabio and a pretty pink pinata. Now onwards we march towards the food portion of the night. We went to the ever popular Sushi-Gen. In my haste, I forgot to document pricing or detailed descriptions, but you can devour these pictures for free!

Don't let the pretty pink bottle fool you, unfiltered sake is really nasty. From our sake tasting party last summer, we learned not to trust the packaging. But what we didn't learn was to recognize names so we don't order unfavorable sake again. Makes for a pretty picture though.

Ozeki Sake, filtered. A little smoother than the pink one.

Monkfish liver in ponzu sauce. I got hooked on monkfish liver after having it at Gochi and this one was also excellent. In fact, this dish made it to "My Favorite Foods" album on my facebook page. Very rich and creamy and usually paired with a more acidic sauce to cut through the richness.

Fried tempura platter with yams, zucchini, and shrimp. The usual. Very nice and crispy batter.

Here comes the delicious sashimi platter. I labeled whatever I could recognize and I'm sure hamachi is in there but as I'm not sure which one, I don't want to mislead you. It was ALL good though.

Spicy tuna, up close.

Spicy something else, up close. Next to raw squid which was quite unique and chewy.

After dinner, we headed to Palm Tree, a super cool Korean bar in Ktown for some drinks. This place is pretty awesome. There were go-go dancers walking around and there were karaoke, bar, club, and restaurant sides. One of the biggest and coolest Korean bars I've been to. Thanks Shawn for the recommendation.

The pineapple soju was not so tasty. Tasted like mold. That's right, I described it as mold.

These pretty blended tropical drinks were delicious though, especially my red one on the right.

Palm Tree LA, a pretty cool Ktown bar! Check it out!

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