Sunday, September 18

Little Clams

The other day, my mom gave me a bag of little clams. I don't know what type of clams they were but suddenly I found myself with fresh clams and no recipe. I considered making clams in black bean sauce but my dad said these clams were the wrong type. So with my parent's suggestions, I steamed them.

After cleaning them, I put them in a deep pan with some garlic and oil and cooked them covered until they opened.

Pretty little clams.

A quick dip in seasoned fish sauce and we have a tasty snack. These clams were actually quite gritty and sandy even though my mom thoroughly cleaned them. That's probably why my dad suggested not to sautee them in black bean sauce as the clams were so small and sandy they would ruin the sauce. However, they were still really good in their own way. Fresh clams, yummy!

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