Wednesday, September 21

Bachelorette LA - Dim Sum - Medieval Times Dinner

Relying on apps to show you where to eat can be a hit or miss. It can also be very crippling to a food blogger. Because we weren't familiar with LA and hadn't researched any breakfast places, we used my friend's food app. to guide us to a dim sum restaurant who's name I can't remember because I didn't put any work into looking it up. This is how technology cripples me. So, yet again, no descriptions and no prices but many of you should already be familiar with dim sum so if you're reading this in the morning, what a tease for you.

Glazed bao, one of my favorites

The fluffy fried taro thing

Congee and Xiu Mai.

Ha Cheung Fan - shrimp and rice flour roll. Also one of my faves.

Fried taro cake - one of my favorites but not here.

Steamed chicken feet - another goodie but I can only eat at most 2

Gai Lan - ahh I can eat endless plates of these

Overall, it's good that I don't remember the name of this dim sum place because it was only just sub-par. Everything made of taro was just a little bit mushier than it should be. The flavor was just a bit off. Oh wells, it was still a satisfying meal. After some shopping and getting stuck in terrible LA traffic, we came home to get ready for our night.

Some very cleverly arranged phallicly shaped name tags for us to wear made by MP. Mine was the bananas and berries.

Onwards we walked across the street to the Medieval Times show. All decked out in penii and ready to root for the Blue Knight.

The pre-fixe menu. For about $60/person, we get all the foods above a great medieval knights show.

Soda, garlic bread, and soup. Alcoholic drinks available upon purchase. The bread was actually pretty good. Not even just for being massed produced, it was good garlic bread.

The tomato bisque was a bit watered down but not too bad.

Our poor waitress had to deliver a giant tray of about 30 of these chicken halves. The chicken was juicy but  bland.

These ribs were probably the best thing on the plate and everyone only got one rib. boo. The potato was just meh, standard.

Dessert was a warm apple turnover. Delicious. Surprisingly good considering the performance of the entree. I don't expect much of the food here because its all mass made and served banquet style. The protein was bland but I guess the huge portions gave us our money's worth.

Unfortunately our blue knight was neither the main good guy or the bad guy. He gave a valiant joust and weaponry battle and met his untimely demise towards the end of the show. No worries, lasses, he brushed himself off in time to pose for this wonderful pic, whilst smelling of horse manure. ye Olde Spice of those days.

Look, I found 14th Century, olde English Phil!

A jolly good time...

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