Friday, September 23

Summer Barbeques

Summer is officially over and although fall barbeques are not impossible, they're just not as fun. There's nothing like the summer to bring on barbeque season. I've been to and hosted some great BBQ's this summer and I wanted to sum up the best foods I've had at these summer barbeques.

Thinly sliced tuna sashimi under a bed of wakame salad - courtesy of Olay's BBQ and sliced by yours truly.

Spicy chicken - marinated by Olay

Marinated, boneless Korean beef - purchased from a Korean store

Fried taro in coconut flavored tempura batter - made by Olay's mom

Olay making Thaum pauk toua, a Laotian dish.

Basically papaya salad but with noodles instead. This was so spicy, per the usual Olay style, but so good. I like when green beans are mushed and made spicy.

The spread, all cooked up with some kimchi and pickled spicy cucumbers. This was quite a spicy meal.

Dipping sauces for all.

We also attempted the Mexican corn found at Cafe Habana using roasted corn, mayo, Cotija cheese, and cayenne pepper. Turns out, it should probably be paprika instead of cayenne pepper. Oh well, lesson learned.

For a BBQ at my house, I marinated some short ribs using TP's recipe which is still my all time favorite marinade. JES brand Korean BBQ sauce, the best! and with a little pineapple juice and tenderizer.

Add green onions and marinate overnight or longer. Mine stayed in for almost 2 days because I had to prep early.

My first attempt at baked Alfredo pasta with cheese on top. Pretty good but Phil makes it better later on.

My corn salsa which Richard made even better by adding canned salsa. And again, no on the cayenne pepper next time.

Cucumber salad with a mix of home grown cucumbers and store bought Persian cucumbers. Some of the hoome grown ones were bitter, such a shame.

Fresh baked cheesy garlic bread , as in baked using a Pillsbury can (pictured before the baking of the cheese). I tried Christopher Ranch brand chopped garlic and it was way too garlicky. Use sparingly.

On a different BBQ day, I made grilled artichokes using this recipe from allrecipes that VS gave me. I don't think I made it quite right because it didn't turn out like hers but it was still tasty. You're probably supposed to take out some of the artichoke heart but oh come on, all of it is good, let's not waste. (Artichokes purchased by Cbear)

Grilled oysters with lime and tabasco. A summer BBQ staple! It's not summer without oysters.

Olay brought his papaya salad that I love. It nearly killed everybody with its spice level but its very delicious!!!

He also made this really good fried noodle to go with it. It had eggs and pork belly. This was a huge hit.

Egg rolls from King Eggroll? Bought by KT.

TP made some spicy pork and Korean ribs (not pictured). As always, her food is on point.

Finish off with a cold beer in one of our new beer glasses and we're good!

I was quite intoxicated by this time when Phil brought out the best birthday cake I've ever received. Half a leftover, already eaten, chocolate ( my least favorite flavor) mini bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cake, topped with a burning skewer as a candle. I'm not being sarcastic. I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. The most creative, last minute birthday cake that only Phil would put together. Ah, I truly married a winner!

Bye Bye summer. No more lazy dog days. Time for school and work... and and upcoming honeymoon. Woop woop!


  1. um, can i die and go to heaven now? i'm in serious food coma just looking at all the amazing food!

  2. Excellent post! I suppose I was able to do some summer activities (most of them with you!). I was feeling bummed about a missed summer, but not anymore!!! Thanks for the compliment by the way. =P

  3. Let's do it again!! I LOVE FOOD!



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