Wednesday, June 8

Jet Ski to China!

So we were having lunch at work and my coworker claims that to get to China from San Jose by walking, google maps will tell you to jet ski across the Pacific Ocean. Sounds ridiculous, right?!?! And if you know Olay like I do, it will sound like he's up to his usual antics. So a bet was hashed. If he's right I have to blog about this. And you're reading my blog about it right now so well duh, I lost. 
Everyone, I present to you, how to get to China from San Jose by walking, or in this case, jet skiing.

LOOK! Google really does tell you to jet ski across the Pacific Ocean. I can't believe he's right. It sounds so crazy. I have so many questions. How much gas will it take? How do I get a jet ski? How do I transport my extra gas, in a gas boat that goes  behind me? How much gas will the gas boat need? It's as confusing as a double rainbow...

and...if you want to get to Japan, you can...
Kayak across to Hawaii then kayak to Japan. What the heck? Ok first of all, how come I have to kayak to Japan but I get to jet ski to China? Oh google, you entertain me.

I hope you all got as much of a laugh out of this as I did. It's ridiculous but true. This post is for Olay who won the bet and was the highlight of the day.

P.S. For those of you who are curious, it would take you 103 days and 7 hours to get to Japan this way. And it will take a mere 37 days and 12 hours to get to China (probably because you get to use a jet ski and not a kayak!!!)


  1. Only a third of the year...I better not show this to Casey... He just might want to kayak to Japan. Hilarious!



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