Monday, June 13

Chili Garlic Shrimp

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We've been partying a lot for our bachelor/bachelorette parties and my birthday. So before I get into a barrage of exciting blog posts, lets just start off slow with one of my home cooked successes. I set out to make a variation of a dish I used to make in college combined with a technique I saw at a Chinese restaurant. In college I used sweet chili garlic sauce in many of my dishes because it was very easy to use. I thought it time to bring back this staple and also try frying battered shrimp and cooking it in this sauce.

The first time, I was lazy and just coated the shrimp with flour. This is alright but turns out a little starchy so the next night, I just made a batter of flour and water.

Frying it in oil

Trying to let the paper towel absorb all the oil

This is the sweet chili garlic sauce I bought from the Asian market. There are many different brands and I'm sure they're all good.

I stir fried the sauce with red and green bell pepper chunks and then poured the mixture on top of my shrimp

With rice and some oyster sauce greens on the side. Yummers.

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