Tuesday, June 14

iFly - Union City

 For Christmas, Phil's friend gave him an iFly voucher with various coupon deals. We used one of them for a two person flight for his birthday. If you have not heard before, iFly is a company that runs indoor skydiving sessions. Our coupons gave us each 1 minute flights. After a brief video orientation, we were ready to suit up.

 Attractive jumpsuit, check. Earplugs, check. Stylish safety glasses, check.

Helmet, check. Possible future helmet hair, check.

Phil looked radiant in red. 

His Nikes complete the head to toe ensemble.

We looked so fly. (pun intended)

I couldn't upload the DVD we purchased of our flights but here is a recording of the instructor who flew before our group. 

iFly was very fun. I'd love to do it again. Next time, I hope I can fly on my own without losing control. The instructor had to hold me the whole time. Indoor skydiving would make a great group activity.
iFly website


  1. Wow, one minute only? I'm sure you weren't thinking of that when you were flying :p How cool!!!!

  2. Wow, you had such fun!! Loved your blog and thanks for being a follower.



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