Wednesday, June 8

Private Box Seats at the Oakland A's Game - Oakland

Phil and I were very lucky ducks to have gotten tickets from my company for the Oakland A's vs. New York Yankees game on Memorial Day. Off we headed to the new Coliseum (sounds lame, no? but at least it starts with an O)

SURPRISE! The tickets were box suite tickets. woo hoo! I look squirrely in this picture? You a squirrel.

Inside, we were greeted with luxury.

Our menu for the day

Popcorn, of course. I wonder if you can request to have a different team's parchment paper for your popcorn.

One of many sliders

One of many hot dogs. I put too much sauerkraut.

We ordered 2 pizzas later too. One cheese and one pepperoni. Food quality was just standard stadium stuff but the box experience was the highlight of the day.

Fridge stocked with Aquafina and Bud Light. Later we ordered ginger ale and Pepsi.

Cookie that Phil really enjoyed but I thought was too hard.

Reppin the Oakland A's

I'm also reppin the green and yellow. I could go to a Green Bay Packers game like this too.

 This may be Derek Jeter up to bat, I'm not sure.

We look like we're in a movie theater. Well the A's lost, le boo. At least I got to see Derek Jeter play. Now if only to run into Minka Kelly... I still had a good time though.

A video tour of the suite, if you want to see me saying basically all the things pictured above. The video gets cut off because the server entered the room but you still get a good gist of the suite.

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