Monday, June 6

SPONSORED POST: Magnum Ice Cream!

I received a coupon from Foodbuzz to taste and review Magnum Ice Cream a looong time ago. I've been wanting to share the ice cream with some friends and blog about the tasting together but it just hasn't worked out yet. The box has been sitting in my freezer for some time and today, being that its my birthday, I treated myself to this deliciousness. I don't usually make a big fuss over my birthday but at the same time I don't want to be sitting here the weekend before my birthday, working on a project and studying for a final that will be on my birthday, a final which I will probably fail miserably. I'm breaking all my rules here: no eating after 8PM, no snacking while studying, in general not a fan of chocolate...but you know what...bitch, please
It's my birthday!

Magnum is actually a British import. My friend mentioned that he saw the ice cream in Europe while on vacation. Well they've finally crossed the pond and now we get to enjoy Magnum too. At $3-ish a box with 3 bars per box, this stuff isn't the cheapest, BUT it's not just a Crunch bar either.

It's a mega Crunch bar with a Belgian chocolate shell covered in almond slivers encasing a vanilla bean ice cream center. Other flavors are: Classic (chocolate and vanilla ice cream), Double Chocolate, Caramel, and White (white chocolate shell).

This is the face of a girl who is tired and hates school and has dark circles under her eyes and has been trapped at home all weekend doing schoolwork and is going crazy. But in this moment, this moment where I'm eating ice cream at midnight for my birthday, it almost makes up for all of the above.

mmm soo good. highly recommend. I'm sure all the other flavors are just as good if you like what they have to offer, but Almond is perfect for me. Yes you can taste the difference in chocolate and vanilla bean > regular vanilla ice cream any day. Ok back to studying. I'm one year older and many gray hairs wiser after this final. 

Here's petite hottie, Rachel Bilson enjoying herself with a Magnum. =) Many more commercials where this came from folks. Youtube it.

Thanks Magnum Ice Cream and Foodbuzz, best birthday gift ever!

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  1. Nice blog. To be honest, I just love magnum ice cream because it is made form belgian chocolate which made it more yummier.



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