Friday, May 20

Bob's Donuts - San Francisco

"The best donuts ever," these were the words that sold Phil to try Bob's Donuts when we were walking back to our car after a fun evening at Amelie and some bar hopping. Our friend VS said she doesn't even like donuts but Bob's really impressed her. So my man, who once ate a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in one sitting (oh the horror!), had to try Bob's donut.

Bob's pastries. So it was past midnight at this time and I had much doubt that anything meant to be eaten in the morning would taste fresh at this time.

Jelly filled donuts and other pastries on display. Bob's also looks like a hole in the wall joint but since their reputation precedes them, I withheld judgment.

Sorry, don't remember the price, probably dollar something. Phil had a regular glazed donut. You can't tell but there is joy on this face after that first bite. I didn't get one because I'm watching my know, watching it get fat...kidding! I wasn't feeling in the mood for a donut but I took a bite and it was pretty fantastic, I tell ya! I overheard the cashier telling a customer that they make it with buttermilk. And I did taste something different about the donut, maybe it is buttermilk. Our picture of the donut itself was blurry but there are some great ones on yelp. They even make a giant donut, just look at it:

 I highly recommend Bob's if you're a donut lover. I highly recommend you give it a taste if you're not a donut lover. Ladies, it's worth the calories.


  1. love this place, it's worth the walk up the hills. isn't that huge donut hysterical? i can't remember what i got but it was delicious :-) i'm still so jealous that u're so close to SF.

  2. tried to post a comment, but messed it up, so there may be 2! i love this place so much, can't remember what i got, but it was delicious. that huge donut cracks me up and i'm still so jealous that u're so close to SF :-)

  3. Yes, I've heard of this place!!! Yum!



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