Monday, May 23

Honeyberry - Santa Clara

I'm heading into hell week with finals and projects. GAH! But thanks for BigAppleNosh girl's cross country party, I was inspired to leave my desk for some good eats. The point of the cross country party is to get bloggers from all over the country to eat the buzzfood of the weekend, which was frozen yogurt. After Phil and I did our weekly run, we treated ourselves to frozen yogurt at Honeyberry.

($0.33/ounce) Left: my lychee and green tea yogurt with fruit and waffle cone crumbs topping. Right: Phil's original tart and strawberry tart yogurt with crushed oreos, gummi bears, and waffle cone crumbs topping.

Close up of mine. I always go overboard with the fruit which is heavy. Mine always costs more. But it was satisfying, yumm. Honeyberry is not the best yogurt place I've been to but you can't mess up yogurt too bad so it was still good.

Close up of Phil's. He always puts in gummi bears but complains later that they harden in the yogurt and are difficult to eat.

mm just had a good run and now having some good yogurt.

We couldn't resist getting the "ugly but good Roti bun." C'mon. How could you resist such a clever slogan? I can totally imagine telling my friends to eat my food even though its ugly but its good.

Roti buns are sweet buns that come in plain or cream cheese filled. Normally its $1.20 per bun but our ugly but good buns were $0.60/each with a bag of 4. What was the verdict? They were UGLY BUT GOOD!

This isn't my first time at Honeyberry though. Last time we got this monster:
Coconut and lychee? gelato on top of split bananas and strawberry slices, on top of a waffle. Topped with whip cream and chocolate and caramel syrup. WOWEE, yummy.

I'll probably be hanging out at Honeyberry from time to time because it's near my hood. Next time maybe I'll even run to Honeyberry as part of my workout. The yogurt is not the best though. My favorite is still Toppings.

Check out the rest of the yogurt participants on BigAppleNosh's blog here.

Honeyberry on Yelp

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