Thursday, May 26

Mushroom and Beef in Oyster Sauce

Cohabitation can be so tricky. While I have lived on my own before in college, the challenge of cooking for someone else is different than feeding yourself. Phil and I will have to endure many cooking failures like this one. Since you guys just have to read and look at pictures, I don't mind sharing my cooking failures with you. Just as long as no one has to eat it. Let's look at failure #1. Chewy beef.

I was attempting a shaken beef kind of dish. Here I am marinating cubed beef with a little sugar, sesame oil, and oyster sauce.

Marinated beef sitting next to the enoki and button mushrooms

dicing up onions and garlic and we're all ready to cook it up in a wok and add oyster sauce

ta-da? So the sauce was ok but I was missing starch to thicken it up, hence the runniness. As usual, my problem with beef is overcooking. I neglect to factor in that the beef is still cooking while its plated because its so hot. I should cook it a little rare next time. Brought to you by chewy beef, hard to eat.

Our side dish was dao miaou. And look at this, our wok doesn't have a cap that fits it. Even this dish wasn't so good because the pea sprout stalks were too tough this time.

 Phil likes to make happy faces on his rice using various ingredients.More cooking adventures next time.

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  1. Aw, sad! You can't tell from the pics they were failures! Nice effort though!



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