Wednesday, June 1

Stuffed Chicken Thighs

Welcome again to home cooking in my kitchen. Is today's meal a success or failure? I still can't decide even after eating it. I decided to do a spin on stuffed chicken breasts because I don't like white meat and prefer dark meat and I had chicken thighs in the fridge.

After cutting the meat away from the bone, I lay them on a cutting board, put saran wrap on top, and started pounding them flat with my mallet (hot sauce bottle).

For the stuffing, I cooked up some spinach and garlic with Campbell's cream of mushroom.

Stuffing and rolling...

Cooking them neatly in the pan

So I skipped the seasoning on the outside because I found a Big Oven App recipe on the iPad which had a cream sauce for this dish. It required mixing flour and chicken broth with the browns from the pan after cooking the chicken. The pictures are just too embarrassing to show. 
My mistakes were 1) not browning the chicken. I should've cooked on high and browned the outsides but I fear high heat for some reason. Maybe because I hate burnt food and would rather cook things longer on lower heat. But in this case, browning would've been good. 2) Did not have twine or skewers to keep the rolls together. They look good up there but the finished product fell apart. 3) Should have used chicken breasts and should have seasoned the chicken.

Here's my finished product. You see that the rolls have fallen apart and I did attempt to make the sauce which explains the creamy yellow parts on the chicken. Well it looks worse than it tastes because it wasn't too bad. Not great but not so bad. We had a pretty satisfying meal still. This tastes much better fresh because the leftovers for lunch the next day were not that appetizing. I hope you all aren't laughing at my cooking practice. We all can't be born great cooks.

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