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Amelie Wine Bar - San Francisco

Amelie Le Bar a Vin is a hip wine bar that serves small plates for dinner and then turns into a pretty busy hang out spot afterwards. A place where you drink wine with your pinky up and eat smelly cheeses before you get hammered at the bar and mingle with tall European men in skinny jeans. Yes, Amelie is THAT kind of place.

I really love the decor here. Red is usually threatening but they made it feel very warm and modern. The dining area is a little small but we had a group table. I had to google alot of French words to write this post. Apologies if any research was incorrect.

Philly Phresh lookin so phresh to death.

($12 flight) From foreground to back ground: Vouvray loire Valley, Bauer Haus Riesling, and Moscato d Asti. The Moscato was very sweet and light. The name sounds so familiar, I'm sure I've had it before. Moscato is my favorite!

($15) The group shared a couple of these fromage (cheese) plates. I don't remember the names but I know that from left to right, it was French, Spanish (Manchengo Sheep), and American (Humbolt Fog Goat). I think the French cheese is a type of brie and that was the best one. I love brie now. It's my gateway cheese. Other items are green apple slices, dried figs, walnuts, and homemade jam (left to right: apple, apricot, and honey). 

($10) Smoked Salmon Flatbread. We shared 2 of these. As usual, smoked salmon is a hit. They're not kidding when they say flatbread though, this was basically a cracker. Oh the French, so fancy and so pricey.

($15) Charcuterie plate (cured meats).From right to left: duck breast, coppa (a cut of pork from the top of the shoulder), Rosette Lyon (sausage), sopressata (Italian dry-cured salami), Toscano salame, proscuitto. Also mini pickles, pickled olive oils, seasoned cherry tomatoes, pickled red onion, and mustard. THIS ENTIRE PLATTER WAS SO GOOD!

($15) Our second fromage plate had 2 slices of brie from the first plate and this beautiful looking Tete de moine cow Switzerland, which looks alot like cauliflower. The cheese was so pretty, I had to take an up close picture and a whiff of it...

"Smells like shit, tastes like fart." What a deadly flower. So pretty but so potent.

($6 small plate/ $13 large plate) I'm not sure which size plate this was. Some of the girls ordered this homemade chocolate platter. Looks delish for chocolate lovers. Not I.

($5) For the non chocolate lovers, we shared an Indonesian Gahara Vanilla Bean and Rosemary Creme Brulee. This was absolutely fantastic!!! and hmm I'm surprised now that I find out there is rosemary in there. Could've sworn it tasted like ginger. Sounds gross you say? Not at all. It was a subtle hint and the creme brulee was delicious.

How do such little portions feed 10 people? With the help of endless sacks of bread. We just ate everything with the free bread and I ended up pretty stuffed at the end of the meal. Yay to stretching our dollar.

Other foods of note, IC got a different flight of white wines. I only tried the sparkling wine on the far right and meh, not to my liking. Tastes too dry.

Usually for a fancy place with small portions, I would say it's not worth it and I wish the portions were bigger. But I really liked the food here. I still crave it right now. Once in a while its nice to have some fancy food. I'm even glad I had that stinky cheese. Once in a lifetime, I tell ya...

Bon Voyage to SC on your new adventures! (notice girl in backless shirt in background)

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