Sunday, May 15

99 Chicken - Santa Clara

*EDIT* blogger went through a janky phase last week where it deleted alot of blog entries from people's blogs. My 99 Chicken entry was a casualty and although they restored some, they did not restore mine. So here we go again. Excuse the lack of cleverness, it was all used up last time I wrote this.

99 Chicken is my favorite chicken joint on the West Coast. I had alluded to it in my Boston entry when I compared it to Bon Chon chicken.At the time, I thought that 99 Chicken's love wings were the greatest thing ever, let's see if it still holds true. Here we see the decor is lined with pictures of past diners.

Pretty nice and clean decor. 99 Chicken is Korean style chicken and is run by a Korean family.

Salad from the endless rice and salad buffet. Can't be beat. You always need rice and salad with chicken.

(~$14 for 10 wings) These soy sauce wings are new to 99 so I had to try them. It is so worth it. It's nice and crispy and tastes salty and a little sweet. It's more like a soy sauce glaze. mmmm

(~$15 for 16 wings) My old favorites, the love wings. They're still good but somehow on this day, not as good. I think it's because the soy sauce wings were the clear winner of the meal. I have a new favorite now. Usually I like everything with a little spice but I admit the soy sauce wings have a classic crisp that I can't resist.

That's alot of chicken, he thinks. And it is alot of chicken. We would prefer a combination plate of 5-6 soy pieces and 5-6 love wings but those two items could not be split. I don't see why, making a combo plate doesn't require that much work. So yeah, I ended up eating leftover chicken for a whole week.

Arrr matey, me and my big forehead says these wings be yummy! Now that I've had my 99 Chicken craving satisfied, I crave Bon Chon again. They're both good in their own ways.

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  1. aaah! Human nature of forever wanting what we can no longer have... =P I remember as I was munching on Smokeater's wings, I was missing the 99 chicken love wings. I can never be winged out!!!



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