Thursday, February 17

Hawaii Quick Eats

Hello all,

This is Phil again. 2nd to last post from Hawaii....the last one will be considered the best meal from Hawaii, so stay tuned to that. My main goal of the Hawaii trip was to not go any fast food that I can get at home. Why would I get a 20 piece chicken nugget meal from McDonalds from Hawaii for $5.99 when I can get it here for $4.99?

Anyways, we stayed at a hotel one block away from the International Marketplace. This place had food court with about 10 food joints. We went to the food court twice and for two of the meals, I went to the Korean store. I ended up with the special, fried rice with two kinds of meat.

Macro shot of the rice with meat.

Full shot of the food, I started eating it before I realized I forgot to take a picture. The plate was $9. It was damn good though.
One morning, the group decided to go to McDonalds for breakfast, but since I already had it the day before, I decided to skip breakfast. I wanted to save money, but when I peaked across the street, I noticed the Crepe House was opening shop. I decided, "wtf, might as well eat something local."

I ended up getting the Loco Moco Crepe. Hamburger meat, scrambled eggs, onions, rice, and gravy all wrapped in a crepe. What a way to start the day off before 10am right? For $5.75, this was a good way to go to try something different from the typical breakfast food. It was a little dry at the top, but once I reached the bottom of this crepe, shit was bomb! The gravy mixed in with the meat, egg, and rice was perfect!

The day before Crepe House, I ended up going to McDonalds with Kevin and Irene in the morning. I had to get this at least once. Rice with scrambled egg, spam, and sausage. Of course I can make this at home easily, but why when I can pay McDonalds a few bucks to make it for me?
Bottom line? Food in Hawaii is bomb, I wish I can live there, but Dog the Bounty Hunter scares me.
One more hawaii post....stay tuned!


  1. yay! That korean fried rice looks super good. and I wish I could've gone to the crepe house with you. I bet they had something I would've liked too.

  2. isnt that the same crepe house they had in davis? cept it's now closed and they probably didnt have hte loco moco.



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