Monday, February 21

Kukje Supermarket - Daly City

Phil and I have wandered the aisles of Kukje Supermarket in Daly City a few times when we went shopping for themed dinner nights such as the Korean food night. Both times we went, we were lured into the food court within the market by the appeal of Korean food made on the spot, in a Korean market. I've also seen this at the Korean market in Sunnyvale so it must be a typical thing.

First they serve us with hot tea (diluted but that's ok with me) and some side dishes. Kimchi, kimchi cucumbers, spicy fish?, pickled radish, marinated spinach, and pickled radish/carrot mix.

Phil's bento box came with California rolls, teriyaki salmon, rice, and a salad. All of which he enjoyed and ate with gusto.

Jajangmyun. You fooled me thrice. I've had jajangmyun three times in my life. The first time, it was just ok. The second time, it was just ok. But knowing this, I still order it because in my memory, I remember enjoying it. It's not bad actually but I give up about 1/5 of the way in and Phil has to finish for me. Phil really likes this so the third time, he ordered it and I tasted some. Jajangmyun is noodle covered in a black bean sauce. My favorite part is the sliced cucumber on top with the sauce. I've also seen Korean movies where they take the yellow pickled daikon (in first picture) and dip it into this sauce. I tried that and I still don't understand the attraction. Oh wells. This dish is a repeat winner for Phil though.

On impulse, he couldn't resist buying the "Korean churro" from the bakery inside the market. It tastes just like a donut, a little stale maybe because it was end of the day. That was his quota impulse buy for the day.

Going to a Korean market is quite an activity in itself. There are not only aisles of interesting groceries but there is usually a makeup counter, a bakery, a food court, and at some larger stores a cell phone kiosk, a gift center, and a clothing corner. One of the big highlights is the marinated meat and side dish bar where you will find pounds of different types of marinated meat for BBQ grilling and various kimchi side dishes to pair them with. I live a bit far from the two Korean markets I know so trips are rare but thoroughly enjoyed. Compared to other Asian groceries, Korean items are marked up a bit but you won't be able to find them elsewhere. It's also much cleaner and you will find better service than at other Asian markets. I love going to Kukje Market in Daly City and Hankook Market in Sunnyvale.


  1. Omgosh, I was just at Kukjie a month or so ago! I got their Korean fried chicken :D It was soooooo good!

  2. I love going to Korean supermarkets - so much variety :)

  3. i definitely want to try some of the korean markets when i come out west again, thanks for the reviews!



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