Wednesday, February 9

Cha Cha Cha Cuba - San Mateo

Ah, I finally get to blog about Cha Cha Cha Cuba. The best tapas in the Bay Area in my opinion. With three locations, two in San Francisco and one in San Mateo, Cha3 has developed quite a reputation for itself. Mainly because of this famous sangria. Sorry, I don't remember pricing.

I don't know what it is about this sangria, but it's better than mine by 100 times. So light and fruity but dangerously potent. This is a half pitcher, smaller than it looks in pictures but definitely more than enough. mmm Nothing beats walking around downtown on a random weekday, browsing a used bookstore buzzed.

Tapas can be pricey and not filling so that's where bread and bread refills come in. Here's the shrimp and squid ceviche that I've come to really love. No ceviche has beat this yet and I don't know why. The seafood just tastes fresher here and its on top of mixed field greens which makes it even more refreshing.

CK got the pork, beans, and plantains dish. I must say, this was very tender pork and really good for this dish.  But pork done this way is still bland to me. I needs me some sauce! Those plantains are TO DIE FOR, though!!!

I'm sad I couldn't get a clearer picture of this seafood paella. It was also really good. My favorite thing in here is the sausage. We were stuffed by this time so I think much of this went in a to go box.

Ok, so when I think of Cha3, I think of dipping bread in the shrimp with the sauce. What's it called? I don't know. It's just shrimp and sauce. Coconutty, creamy, shrimp and sauce eaten with bread. mmm mm can't be beat!

Here you see CK's hands greedily dipping his bread in the shrimp sauce. Look at our spread. One of the best lunches ever. A worthy splurge.

Cha Cha Cha Cuba on Yelp (aww 3.5 stars? These people don't know what they's talkin about!)


  1. YUMMY!!!!! I've never had tapas before for the sole reason that it is too pricey. I think I have to try it, because there is nothing like ceviche when you are craving a special shrimp dish :) Thanks for the rec!!!!



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