Wednesday, July 14

Palm Springs 2010 - Pacifica Restaurant

Flower power

 Rental Solara power!!!

I should start out by warning people that Palm Springs food is not like New York food at all. The two shall not be compared.

Le Concierge gave us a map of local eateries and happy hours. We randomly picked Pacifica because we always love seafood. And ooh there's a vodka bar but we didn't make use of it because this was a relaxing trip and not a get plastered trip.

Seared Ahi Tuna in a soy and wakame salad with pickled ginger mixture. Yum yum! This dish was really good but I do feel that I've had fresher tuna elsewhere. Pacifica boasts the freshest seafood in Palm Desert and if this is the freshest then it doesn't say much for Palm Desert seafood. Nonetheless, good seasoning and good dish.

Ceviche with scallions(?). This was also quite delicious. Portions were larger than most ceviche I've been served in the past so kudos to bangs for bucks.

mmm baked shrimp scampi. This is probably the best, most unique shrimp scampi I've ever had. As you can see, it is not just pasta on a plate. Garlic butter white wine sauce, good! Crispy jumbo shrimp, good! Garlic bread, meh not so much.

Chubby in the face, holding my buttery shrimp scampi.

We took full advantage of our rental Solara, putting the "top down" in top down, chrome spinnin...

I will have to admit that Palm Springs/Desert food will be neither as varied nor as satisfying as New York food. It has been difficult finding things to write about this trip since it was mostly for relaxation and we did a whole bunch of nothing, which I actually really miss now because it's not everyday that you can just do nothing. Some of us have blog entries to write...oh life is so hard!


  1. Hangin' with the old folks in Palm Springs, sweltering heat, and fresh seafood in the middle of a desert? Nice. Looking forward to San Diego.

  2. hope u're enjoying your getaway! that scampi looks to die for!!



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