Sunday, July 18

Palm Springs 2010 - Ristorante Mamma Gina

No flower picture today. You get a nifty grape shaped vinegar within olive oil dispenser. This is super neato, I want one for my future house. For lunch we dined at a cozy one story Italian eatery named Ristorante Mamma Gina, serving $5 happy hour plates.

This is a calamari and shrimp salad. Looks and tastes suspiciously like ceviche on a bed of spinach and tomatoes but meh, the restaurant (I mean Ristorante) can call it whatever they wish. This salad was very refreshing, but not unlike most ceviche we've had, nothing too special. 

mmm Minced and strained coffee grounds...I am absolutely kidding. This was not a cup of coffee gone wrong. This was a minced olive mix given in lieu of butter with our bread. I did not like this but Phil loved it as always. Why does he always have to go against me?

Obligatory picture of self, holding pasta dish to be described below. 

 Seafood linguini with marinara sauce and capers. I basically ordered this for the capers. What I got was capers and overly salty sauce but otherwise would have been good, and undercooked pasta. Phil also agreed the pasta was undercooked and the sauce was salty, this coming from a man who has said everything tastes good. The dish had potential but failed in execution.

 Oh, what would he order, perhaps another burger as usual. I don't really remember what was special about this burger, but it was really big. And also...

...extremely top heavy. I think someone sliced the bun unevenly. Ya think? As usual, he said this burger was good.
Since we ate during happy hour, the food was cheap, $5 plates. It was empty so we got good service and alot of non-suffocating attention. My pasta was disappointing but the seafood salad was good and Phil enjoyed his burger. A successful meal, I'd say.

El Paseo - for the past two meals, we had eaten on El Paseo, Palm Desert's answer to Rodeo Drive. All the expensive stores and fancy restaurants are on here. Our choices were of course not as high end but it was nice to say we were on the fanciest street in town.

Ristorante Mamma Gina on Yelp

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