Wednesday, July 21

Palm Springs 2010 - Village Fest - Maracas

Flower Power returns!

A quick pose by the pool at night before we headed out to the Palm Springs Village Fest, a weekly Thursday night festival downtown. That pool was just as beautiful at night as it was during the day.

hmm what could I possibly be doing?

Getting a henna tattoo! yay! It's a lotus blossom. Too bad the tattoo faded within 2 days. I want my money back.

We stopped to watch a street artist painting using spray paint and various paper tools. You can also find these types of artists on the strip in Vegas. I also bought a snow cone which was a bad idea because snow cones are a notorious rip off of money for ice and syrup. But the little kid in me had to be satisfied.

Since we had lounged by the pool for far too long that day, we did not feel hungry until 9 or 10 that night. By then, dinner options were limited and the festival was closing down. So we chose Maracas, one of the only restaurants open at the time. We ended up being the last customers there.

My Thursday dinner started as all dinners should start, with a frozen blended mango margarita. This was refreshing, smooth, fruity, and strong. Yes, it tasted like fruit but packed the punch of maybe 2 tequila shots. Well worth the money. So I'm realizing I only had one earring on because I had to take the other off for my henna tattoo. oops! Fashion faux pas or trend setting?

I ordered the "Taco Truck Soft Tacos" which were actually appetizers but they were filling enough. The trio contained fish, chicken, and carne asada, although carnitas was also an option. For me, nothing has yet to beat the Tres Gringos taco truck in San Jose. The fish taco was good but everything else was forgettable and the carne asada was not tender. I remember having to dip alot of sauce with each bite.

Philipe ordered the carnitas plate which I have a sneaking suspicion he wasn't too thrilled about. It was just average, if anything a little dry.

This festival in particular was a bit mundane. Nothing you can't find at the usual town get together or even at a farmer's market. I would have enjoyed watching some dancing or singing performances. I think there were singers but nothing too exciting. Having the festival to attend was still better than doing nothing. This is the end of our Palm Springs leg of the trip. It was short but relaxing. The scenery was lovely, the pools were fun, the weather was sweltering, and the food was just decent. I do miss Palm Springs alot and hope to return here often in the future.

Maracas on Yelp



  1. hahaha nice entry. I love the back pic and caption. you so punny.

  2. I'm glad you caught the cleverness of my caption. Only I would think of such a thing and only you would get it first.

  3. Your tatoo is cute. Great post!
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