Sunday, July 25

Morocco's Restaurant - Downtown San Jose

I'm very fortunate to have friends who also love to eat and don't mind me photographing every dish. As a result, I had 3 birthday dinners, not including the beach celebration which makes 4 celebrations total. Hooray for me!

The first celebration was a massage and dinner with boypren. Due to my booking error, we couldn't get a couple's massage and boypren had to wait for an hour in the massage parlor lobby while I got one of the best massages ever!!! Yay for me!...oh I mean, I'm sorry we couldn't get one together. :(

Upon my request, we returned to Morocco's for dinner. I wanted to introduce him to its awesomeness. I'm only going to review this briefly because I've reviewed it before. But I did come armed with a better camera this time.

 Before the dinner rush of impending doom.

Decor shots are boring unless someone is in it.

Glass of sangria that I can't remember if I liked or not. Definitely not one of the best. Tasted a little strong. I had a better picture of this but I'm showing off my eyeshadow in here. tee hee...conceited much?

A dark man with dark beer.
We don't remember the name of this beer but it was not American. It might not have been Moroccan either but it was definitely from an exotic country. And it sucks. Tastes like India Pale Ale. Nasty.

Above: Shrimp Pil Pil. This time it was a little heavy handed on salt and spices but still delicious.
Below: Spicy Chilled Cucumber Salad. It's essentially thickly sliced pieces of cucumber, chilled then marinated with a dressing of heavy spices. Based on yelp pictures, there usually isn't this much dressing on the cucumbers. I think the chef that day was just being a Happy Spice. It was still crunchy and refreshing despite almost killing my taste buds.

Imperial Cous Cous with chicken and garbanzo beans. Just as good as it was last time. My favorite entree here.

Lamb Tagine. This was also just as good as it was last time. I felt like the lamb shank was not as big as last time but I'm just a pig and would always love more food on my plate.

Finger licking good

It's always good when you return to a restaurant for the second time and it impresses you just as much as the first time. Cheers for consistency.

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