Wednesday, July 28

Koji Sake Lounge - San Jose - Closed

MC, Jimbo Slice and I went to Koji Sake Lounge for happy hour in a joint celebration of MC and my birthdays. Technically, in the series of 3 birthdays, this was celebration #3 but I mixed it up a little to keep you wanting more.

We have here 2 lychee sake martinis and a sour sumo. Lychee martini was yums as usual. MC seemed to enjoy her sour sumo as well. Koji's drinks never fail to please my buds...taste buds that is.

Ahi Tuna Tar Tar with mango salsa, seaweed salad, and ponzu sauce. This was good but not as fresh as the one at L'ecole. Although that would be like comparing Mt. Everest to the little ant hill in your backyard, it's just not fair. And of course one of the better items on their menu would be exempt for cheap happy hour prices.
Tuna maki rolls. The tuna wasn't the freshest it can be but this was a safe choice. You can't mess up tuna maki too badly.

Soy garlic edamame beans. The soy garlic put a nice twist to an otherwise extremely safe dish.

Salmon sashimi flatbread with pickled onions and lemon mayo. After the first bite, I had to think about it. After the second, I warmed up to it. By the third bite, I was all for it. This one was a thinker but I eventually fell for it's unique flavors. Two thumbs up!

Panko crusted calamari served with (not so) dynamite dipping sauce. Yes, it's called dynamite sauce. This was not that great. In my opinion, calamari sliced in thin rings and only lightly breaded has often tasted better than what's pictured above, meaning thick slices, heavily breaded, soaking with oil.

Chicken Karage - please see comments above from calamari. Same mistakes were made.

I had to cleanse my pallette from bad fried food with another drink. I ordered my usual favorite, the White Lotus, which contained soju, white cranberry juice, and dried cranberries.

I always have a good time at Koji even though I admit the food isn't the greatest. The drinks are nice and light and the ambience is perfect for relaxing with friends. Happy birthday to me again and to MC also!

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