Sunday, August 1

Los Cubanos - San Jose

 Pham and Bear of this Christmas dinner took me out to Los Cubanos in downtown San Jose for my birthday. My Spanish lesson tells me that Los Cubanos probably serves Cuban food.

To start the meal, we ordered a pitcher of sangria, not because we're alcoholic but because buying in bulk is economically wise. =] This sangria was not so good. It was too sweet like fruit juice. My theory is that the restaurant cut corners and added sugar to the batch instead of letting the fruit infuse the alcohol.

 Decor shot on Pham's side. The restaurant is rather small and narrow. The decor was very informal but organized.

 More decor on Bear's side. Yes, my friend's name is Bear, as in Grylls.

 Cheers to us!

 The famous chicken noodle soup at Los Cubanos. Highly rated on yelp. I liked this soup. It's definitely better than my version and super filling. This soup comes with your order of an entree so if you ever go, don't choose salad because you'll miss out on this.

 Bear's Chicken and Rice with a side of plantains. This is more like a paella than the Halal version of chicken and rice. Very good. She ordered the best plate between the three of us and possibly for the cheapest price.

 I had the garlic butter shrimp which came with a serving of rice, black beans, and plantains. This sounded really promising but ended up being too buttery and bland. But the plantains are awesome!

Pham got the Lechon - roasted pork that came with the same sides I had. I'm not sure how she felt about this but I was underwhelmed.

I thought Los Cubanos was good overall but had some hits and some misses. If I were to go back, I would get chicken and rice or anything similar, get the chicken soup again, skip the sangria, and eat all the plantains. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


  1. when i saw bear, i thought of myself, sherbear. hahah. anyway, the food looks yummm!

  2. That rice dish looks goooood



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