Wednesday, August 4

Bluewater Gelato - San Diego

Truth be told, I am very behind on my updating. I have done much more than I have time to post but this is ok because by Fall, I will have significantly less time and money and I have a good stock of material to write about. So now it is August, and I am continuing to write about a vacation that happened in May.

Remember how I told you there was a Palm Springs/San Diego trip? Well here is the San Diego leg of that trip.

Thanks to JM's suggestion, we tried Bluewater Seafood Market and Grill for dinner. At this eatery you order and pay at the counter then food is brought to your table. Look at that cool blue marlin on the wall.

More awesome ocean/beach themed decor.

Oysters on the half shell, our usual appetizer. Good and fresh as oyster from any seaside town should be.

At Bluewater, you get to choose your own everything in your dish. For mine, I think I chose, Red Snapper in Lemon Garlic Butter seasoning served as a sandwich. Other options included different types of fish or seafood, different seasonings, and served plated or as a salad.

Phil chose a sandwich also. His sandwich had the day's special, soft shell crab with chipotle sauce. It was all good. Both sandwiches were awesome. The lemon garlic butter seasoning was fantastic!

Cross section of my sandwich. All the yummy filling goodness.

Posing out front just to show off my outfit.

We pretty much went with JM's date recommendation verbatim. He suggested a short walk down the block for dessert at Gelato Vero.

I don't remember what flavors we got and these pictures are not of our flavors.

Here I am with my two scoops. I remember the flavors being good but the texture of the gelato was runny. It all melted too quickly. This is rather sad because gelato is all about consistency and creaminess. By the way, the cup is made from corn and is biodegradable. Hooray for environmentally friendly establishments!

Something's fruity here and it ain't the gelato...

Ate so much he caused a sink hole.

If I believed in perfect, Bluewater might actually get a 5 out of 5 stars. Food is only perfect if it were free. tee hee. Bluewater gets a strong 4.5 stars because in the seafood/diner genre it rocks! Gelato Vero is just ok. Despite it being a hot day, I don't think gelato should melt that quickly. But the flavors were good so it was not a terrible waste.


  1. mmm this looks like a place i'd like to try! if i ever tell you i'm down near SD, please link me to this page. thanks.

  2. Mmm sounds delish!

    Thanks for the shout-out!!! :) :)

  3. No problem BigAppleNosh, love your work!



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