Sunday, August 8

Vigilucci's Ristorante - Coronado Beach - San Diego

Our visit to San Diego included one of the best beach trips I've ever had. What makes a good beach trip? A good meal within short walking distance from a beach with clean sand, alot of space, and warm water.

This particular morning, we woke up with a plan to go to the beach but no idea what to eat. So we parked many blocks down the street from the beach and walked around looking at restaurants. What caught our attention to Vigilucci's? Big fat happy hour sign. That's basically it, we saw a happy hour in the middle of the day and we were sold!

This strong sangria made me fall asleep on the beach. Way too strong but I guess that means it was worth the money.

Free bruschetta appetizer which was so yummy. The topping of tomatoes and olives was as usual but the bread was really soft and nice.

Not knowing we were getting a free bruschetta appetizer, we had already ordered the seafood trio. The website does not have a happy hour menu listed so I'm basically making up names for these items. From left to right: 1) Salmon tossed in a creamy sauce. 2) Tuna in a Thai peanut sauce-like mixture. 3) Hamachi(?) in a different creamy sauce.
All three were excellent but in case you're curious, #2 was the BEST!

More things that come in 3. I think these were ahi tuna sliders. This was also delicious. The tuna was marinated in a special sauce before they were put into the buns.

Crab cakes. Oh presentation wins big points today. The crab cakes were good but I don't remember them as much. I think out of the others, they did not stand out.

Oh why hello there, armpit fat, didn't know you were coming out today.

Calamari Luciana - the only item name I could find on the menu. Even though the description said calamari in white wine and tomato sauce, this was not what I expected. It was more of a soup than a drizzling of sauce as I imagined. It was delicious regardless. It came with a side of bread to dip in the sauce. Ah, those Italians, always utilizing every drop.

Oh no, is it raining? NO, it's just a water wall!

Vigilucci's was right down the street from the famous Coronado Hotel which is right next to the famous Coronado Beach. This Beach was voted #1 in Travel Channel's top 10 California Beaches segment. Woop Woop!

Loungin beachside

Phil took a dip in the ocean

Told you the sangria made me sleepy. I have an outtie...just kidding. That's a seashell for a belly button.
I'm quite sad to see Vigilucci's only has 3 stars on Yelp. Maybe those reviewers didn't get the happy hour deal and the greatest waiter/bartender ever. I pity them really. They don't even know what they could have had. Service here is impeccable. Our waiter had what my novice ears deem to be an authentic Italian accent and claims he is from Italy. According to reviewers on yelp, there are alot of Italians on staff. The host and maybe owner also gave great service. In conclusion, Italians give good service. Be aware that Vigilucci's is a chain, so I can't validate the authenticity of the food but I can vouch for it's deliciousness.

Coronado beach had good sand, good sun, and according to Phil, good water temperature and waves. It definitely belongs on the Top 10 beaches in California list.

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