Wednesday, August 11

Sushi Diner - San Diego

Our last meal in San Diego was at another yelp find, Sushi Diner. The restaurant is owned by a former Hawaii resident and was definitely decorated with that theme. Sushi Diner was an inconspicuous little diner in a suburban neighborhood behind a shopping plaza and next to a closed down Vietnamese restaurant.
Waiting a long time to get in. We were seated at a small table for two in the outside patio area (far left). Ever the economically savvy couple, we ordered mostly from the specials of the day menu which were cheaper.

I don't remember the fish in here and we didn't like this roll too much either. It tasted as plain as it looked.

My spicy tuna hand roll was smaller than expected. The spicy tuna inside was just alright.

Phil's favorite,California rolls. I think he ordered two platters of this which is not alot by his standards. They were good, California rolls aren't anything special to me. Phil-kun thought Sushi Diner did a great job with it though.

Chicken karage rice plate. The macaroni salad is where the Hawaiin influence comes in I assume. I have to admit the chicken karage is pretty good and the macaroni salad was too. I'm digging this dish.

These are my spider rolls. I love soft shell crab in rolls. This was my favorite of all that we ordered.

He is stuffed!

 We had to wait about 30 minutes to get seated. I did not enjoy that. But apparently this is a popular place. I thought the rolls were good but in general, I like sushi with fresh raw fish. As we were being cheap, we didn't order those kind of rolls. I think Phil enjoyed this meal much more than I did because of the California rolls. He highly rates this place. I do recommend Sushi Diner though because it is good, but I just wish I ordered differently.



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