Sunday, July 11

Palm Springs 2010 - Marriott Shadow Ridge Enclave Resort

Welcome to my next vacation installment. After a hectic, action-packed vacation like New York/Boston, we needed some R&R. Palm Springs, CA - hot, wet, and fun. We were greeted by so much greenery and vibrant colored flowers. I really did not expect the dessert to hold such beauty. To ease into the next set of vacation reviews, I'm going to start lightly with some scenic shots of Palm Springs because it was too beautiful not to share.

We stayed at the Marriott Shadow Ridge Enclave Resort. The place was huge! Here's the fountain in front of the lobby.

If a tortoise, a hare, and a golf cart raced, who would win?

Sprawling greens for all you golfers out there.

The view from our window and you can see the pools that we soaked in all day.

Large chess set. 

I LOVE THIS WATER SLIDE! Almost as much as I love chicken wings but in different ways.

If you got to this blog via my facebook page,  you have probably already seen the good version of this jump. Here's one of the outtakes. I like how Palm Springs actually has palm trees. Now if only San Jose had more Jose's...

For once, I'm taller than a waterfall.

 Welcome to Palm Springs. Hope this gets you titillated for the next entries.

The New York/Boston trip was Phil's birthday gift to me since I had always wanted to go there. This Palm Springs/San Diego trip is my birthday gift to him. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

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  1. what fantastic gifts to each other! LOVE that pool....



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