Friday, July 9

Random Summer Happenings

I get this feeling that like me, you all need a break from vacation heavy entries. Since I have nothing but all vacation entries in stock, we should take a quick breather to check out the miscellaneous summer happenings.

Theeventlessplanner threw a backyard sake tasting party with the best sushi rolls ever. There was rice stuffed in tofu shells (left) and special unagi, cucumber, fish roe, wakame salad rolls (right). Super delish!

More attempt at artsy fartsy photography but with bad lighting. I just can't get it right. There was a huge bottle of Sho Chiku Bai sake. It was meh, just alright. That campfire gave me ashy boogers for days.

KT brought Japanese sweets. Oh the Japanese and their colorful packaging.

KT also brought this really cute sake that didn't taste too great. None of the sake tasted great actually, except the blue one.

I celebrated my birthday with a fun beach trip where Phil buried me in the sand and I was upset.

My family had a picnic/fishing adventure for Father's Day. All the men in my life put on their battle gear to catch zero fish...

Little doggie got his manhood downgraded with this T-shirt and hat outfit. But gosh darnit if he isn't the cutest doggie ever with his huge underbite.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed this beginning of summer recap. We're about to get into some more vacation food reviews so hold those horses.


  1. Hahahahahahaha! Oh, Cotton...

  2. hi N,

    you look like you enjoy japanese food more often and better than me!

    anyway, have a yummy weekend (again)!

    oh, wishing you a (belated) happy b-day!!


  3. I love Japanese food and your dog is super cute
    I am giving away a beautiful necklace at

  4. yeah, we think he's cute at least. Thanks for stopping by, PetiteLittleGirl

  5. so much summer fun you're having, it's great! lovely party :-)



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