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Boston 2010 - Privus Lounge - Bonchon Chicken

My posting schedule is a little thrown off by the long weekend but it's ok. It's not like I'm getting paid to write these reviews anyway, har har. I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend. There won't be another long weekend until Labor Day in September so for all you working folks, here's to keeping you entertained during the work day.


 The end of our short stay in Boston included hitting up a spot from my MUST SEE/DO/EAT list - Privus Lounge for Bon Chon Chicken. As I mentioned briefly before, the Boston train system does not take you to enough places. Therefore, to get to our destination, we took a train, transferred to another train, and then took a bus ride past Boston University (pretty cool campus spread out across a few blocks). We finally arrived at Privus Lounge standing out in a long main street of other college friendly businesses. Arriving way ahead of schedule, we walked around in the rain a bit and still ended up eating an early dinner.
Peace from the East!
(little did I know the waiters inside were watching us take this picture and greeted us at the door with jokes about it.)

The night started slow for Privus as you can see. The employees were just hanging about, although that guy on the left gave very good service. He also had an uncanningly deep voice for his slender build and only looks-wise, reminds me of our friend JT. Notice the very nice modern decor.

Here is my attempt at an artsy fartsy photo. Foreground: strawberry soju mojito (very good)
Background: Hefwenweizen?
Back-background: Philip-sshi

Seafood scallion pancake. So good. You can never go wrong with it. A little Lam told me they sell the batter at the Korean market so I bought some and made my own at home. It's very easy and delicious. Not hard to mess up at all. Even if it doesn't look like a pancake, it will still taste good and the dipping sauce is easy to make. One of my more successful home cooking adventures.

So this is Bon Chon Chicken. I did fly across the country for this one and it delivered on its reputation. Bon Chon chicken wings are fried to have a crispy skin and slathered with their sauce. We ordered both regular soy wings and also the spicy wings. Pictured above are the soy ones because I remember my hands being too dirty by the time the spicy wings came out. I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS! My love for chicken wings far outweighs my hatred for burritos. However, as good as these were, 99 Chicken in Santa Clara beats Bon Chon by a narrow margin of better sauce and home field advantage. Like Han Sung BBQ, I go to 99 Chicken for good times with friends and to satisfy the monthly chicken wing craving. Bon Chon brings no such nostalgic feelings. Also, the perfectly balanced sweet and spicy love wings sauce at 99 Chicken is unbeatable! and also, 99 Chicken didn't make me do a mad dash through the New York subway the next morning in search of a bathroom. so yeah...

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS [on the end of New York/Boston trip and blog entries]
So here we are, 2 months after my trip and I've finally finished blogging about all my food adventures on the East Coast. It was an awesome trip full of some of the best meals I've ever enjoyed in my life. For a brief moment, I felt like a savvy, quick, on-the-go New Yorker. While I picked up none of the ill reputed Boston attitude (believe me, it's there), I did feel like I increased my street cred just walking around in Boston. Depending on your vacation style, if you're anything like me, you should definitely travel to New York and Boston. Don't book a tour, don't buy a New York sites to see book from Borders; just look up some places on yelp or ask people for their recommendations. You also can't go wrong with having no plan and just walking around. New York has so much for everyone and Boston has great seafood so you'll surely enjoy any seafood restaurants. I miss it so much, I want to go back, but now I'm home being a California girl...we're irresistible...fun fresh fierce (tee hee Katy Perry's summer anthem).

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  1. That seafood pancake looks sooo jummy. Glad you had fun!



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