Wednesday, June 30

Boston 2010 - Samuel Adams Brewery

A map of Boston's weird train system that doesn't go to enough places. After our lunch at Neptune, we boarded the train again to head to our next planned destination. Where could we possibly be going?

Ta-dah! Samuel Adams Brewery for their beer tasting tour. Loyal blog readers will recall that this reviewer has not had such a good experience with the last beer tasting.

Sam Adams has changed my mind. This was a very legit tasting with an actual brewery tour. Here I am, so excited, holding our free tour tickets and checking out the historic Sam Adams displays.

We didn't go in here but the other tour pictures were of boring steel containers. The tour was quick and short and I'm sure everyone was there for the free beer at the end. We got to taste dry hops and barley, all of which tasted nasty but it was an interesting experience.

At the end of the tour, we each received a Sam Adams tasting glass and gathered into the tasting room. Phil me up buttercup!

Sam's original Boston Lager. Not bad.

We had two more types of beer, a winter beer and a summer beer. I forgot the names of both. None of them tasted too great but they were still better than the nasty ones at Central Coast Brewery. Plus, we got to keep those tasting glasses, yay!

On the way back to the train, we stumbled upon Not-Michaelangelo's David. This cool art gallery made some nifty statues from old industrial parts. There was even a slutty statue which we were too afraid to photograph because the gallery managers(?) were there.

I had alot of fun at the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour. The best part was that it was free and we got to keep the cups. We were only allowed 3 pours but they passed a pitcher down the table and there was always extra so we could have drank more if we wanted. I was impressed with the service, the tour, the atmosphere, and if I liked beers, the Boston Lager's pretty cool. Definitely recommend people check this out.


  1. I love Boston Lager! It's one of my favorite beers! The Oktoberfest is pretty good, too. Thanks for posting this...Now I know that I can tour my fave American beer company while in Boston...For free! (I swear to God, I was not paid by Sam Adams Brewery by this post)

  2. ohh Oktoberfest, that's what one of the tasting beers was I think. I don't know, I should really bring a notepad to wherever I go. Or maybe just buy an iphone.



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