Sunday, June 27

Boston 2010 - Neptune Oyster

We had arrived in Boston in the late afternoon so we didn't get to take the obligatory front of hotel pictures. This was quickly remedied the next day. Here we have the South Station Boston Marriott.

Remember how we were lost yesterday and stumbled to The Red Fez? Never a pair to give up, we set out again to find the oyster house. Again we got a little lost but finally found it down this tiny street. Well duh if you build a street this tiny, how are people supposed to find it?

But alas, we arrived at the famed Neptune Oyster House, a small restaurant on a small street.

This was lunchtime on a Thursday, mind you. Hence the wait and the patrons dining on their lunch break. I'm not qualified to make this guess on the decor style but it looks so 1920's. I liked.

Say, "CHEESE I'm hungry it took me a long time to find this place and more to wait for a seat and now even more to wait for my food so hurry up and take this picture!"

The oyster menu. There was a good selection of different types of oysters, and yes, you can tell the difference between species.

Referring to the menu above, in this picture, starting at the lemon on the left and working clockwise, the oysters were placed in order from top to bottom of the menu. The last thing on our list was Cherrystone clams and that's what ends the circle.

I think the bluepoint and the second one were my favorites. The raw clams were something new. They're definitely different. A little sweet and tasted too briny for me. They're also tougher and more chewy than oysters.

My lobster caprese salad. Everything about this salad was perfect except the bleu cheese. Knowing that I don't like bleu cheese, I didn't ask for no bleu cheese because I wanted to enjoy the dish as it was meant to be eaten. Big mistake because the salad was oh so close to being perfect, with light sprouts and plump lobster tail on a bed of crispy cabbage. And then there was bleu cheese......

Phil's Fried oyster burger. He said it was "good and the fries were good too."

Neptune Oyster is a quaint little diner with excellent food. Literally a hole in the wall of a small street. It really was worth all the walking and getting lost we had done just to find it, including the previous day's trip where we were so off that we ended up at The Red Fez. My only regret is not ordering the lobster roll, but is it my fault their other items sounded so good? Seafood lovers rejoice! Neptune Oyster is definitely a must-eat at diner. Freshest oysters, clams, and big juicy lobster tail!



  1. hi N,

    you are so cruel...
    you'll never know how much i love seafood.
    still, i really enjoyed your oysters.
    (oh, but i had a very nice "kaiseki" japanese dinner including lots of seafood with my family on saturday, though)

    you, too, have a great week!


  2. I would've loved your lobster salad WITH the bleu cheese! :) Just sayin'.

  3. yummy, i'm drooling! i love boston and lived there 4 years, so how did i miss this?

  4. Man, those oysters look good. Especially your lobster salad. I agree about the bleu cheese...I can handle only a light bleu cheese taste, but I'm still not too thrilled about it, either.

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