Wednesday, June 23

Boston 2010 - The Red Fez

Once upon a time, before taking a 4 hour bus ride starting at 2AM on this Lucky Star bus to New York....

...we were on this 5 hour Virgin America flight to Boston. As my Boston pictures were stuck in a memory card for a while, I blogged our trip out of order but in reality, we hit up Boston first.

"Are we there yet?!?!?!" cried the baby.

On our way to the nearest subway station to find somewhere for dinner since the $9 crackers and cheese on the airplane didn't quite do the job, I found my first Boston tourist attraction, albeit relatively unattractive. James Blake House, the oldest house in Boston.

Not knowing how to work the subway system, we got lost on the way to an oyster house and found ourselves somewhere in the middle of somewhere. My stomach at this point was extremely upset that it had not had sustenance since the AM so we walked back to the subway and found this hidden little gem on the way. The Red Fez, Middle Eastern food. [I should learn to take better pictures]

Csar Phil tried the 312 Urban Wheat Ale. A very light, mild tasting beer.

As usual, I got a glass of white wine, forgot which one.

Instead of a bread basket, we got a basket of flat bread and a Mediterranean version of oil and vinegar. This was really interesting. I liked it alot. The bread was so light that it didn't ruin my appetite for dinner. The oil and vinegar had something sweet in it with alot of spices.

Mussels in a rich and sour sauce. Very good. We asked for another basket of flat bread to dip in the sauce.

The turf to our surf. Lamb burger. Tasted like a regular burger to me but Phil loved it.

mmm seared scallops in another delicious tomatoey sauce. EXCELLENT! Scallops are my enemy to cook because I made it wrong once and have been traumatized from making it again.

Took the subway back to the hotel. Having arrived in Boston in the late afternoon and getting lost on the way to the restaurant, there pretty much was no time left to do anything else. We didn't know where to go out for nightlife and more importantly how to get there and what time the subway stops running. End of day 1.



  1. very creative chef and assistants...NOT. chop up some greens and sprinkle it over ALL the plates for effect.

  2. yeah, their garnishing leaves much to be desired. Heavy handed with the parsley.

  3. hahahaha. I didn't even notice that.



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