Wednesday, June 16

New York 2010 - Petite Abeille

 It must be a very couply thing to go have brunch. You sleep in on a Sunday morning, you wake up and you want some food before going to the farmer's market. Yup that sounds about right. It is also reserved for those who party hard on Saturday and can't wake up in time for breakfast. Sometimes they don't even wake up in time for brunch. I belong to the former category of brunch goers.

Sherry obliged our couply wishes and took us to brunch at Petite Abeille which is the cutest little Belgian place.

Belgian tea pots displayed above Belgian beers.

Someone has cute hand writing.

The mussel chowder that we split 3 ways. This was so good. Just the right consistency. So much better than any of the clam chowders at the Santa Cruz Chowder Festival and it's made from mussels which makes it very unique. A first for me. Highly recommend it to chowder lovers.

I always love me some jiggly eggs benedict boobs atop an english muffin and some smoked salmon. Comes with a side salad and some stoemp which must be Belgian for mashed potatoes because that's exactly what they are. Although the eggs were cooked well, I'm not a huge fan of the hollandaise sauce. I want to say it tasted sour but that makes it sound incredibly awful which it was not at all. Just a slight hint of sour. I've grown really fond of the sauce they use at Crepevine for their crab cake eggs benedict that I always get so this just didn't compare. Future review on that.

Sherbear looks pretty chipper in this. Must be because she's about to eat her stoemp with her eggs benedict boobs atop some spinach.

Phil really enjoyed his ratatouille burger. Yup, made by Belgian mice in the back kitchen. Kidding! It was a burger with ratatouille flavored tomatoes and veggies on top. Comes with a heaping pile of fries. 

Not much to say except brunch is always good and filling. Belgian food is awesome! Only thing missing was a liege waffle.$0 for whoever can tell me what "petite abeille" means. small bee?

Petite Abeille on Yelp


  1. San Jose [CHECK]
    San Francisco [CHECK]
    Las Vegas [SEMI-CHECK]
    New York [CHECK]
    Los Angeles [ ]

  2. hah, I get your point. I'll visit whenever you decide to stay in town long enough. boo ya!

    also, don't forget San Luis Obispo [CHECK]

  3. Yup. It means small bee, literally. I know this not because I am your French expert, but because I looked up the translation. =P

  4. Congrats. You have won all the $0 challenges I've put out so far.



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