Sunday, June 20

Mogo's Food Truck - San Jose

 Hopefully you're well acquainted with New York food carts by now. And this is how San Jose does the food cart thing. I've been unsuccessfully trying (still trying) to get the popular Mogo's Korean BBQ food truck to come by my office for lunch but luckily one night they were serving dinner across the street from my house. After waiting about 10 minutes in line, security guards had the truck move to a different location of the business plaza. I didn't want to lose my spot in line and wait some more so I went home, and came back an hour later at which time the wait to order was negligible and the wait for food was about 30 minutes.

 1) Short rib sliders ($6): marinated Kalbi short ribs on 3 attached Hawaiian dinner roll type buns with cheese and their lettuce mix on top

Side view after detaching one of the buns. This did not look like the picture on the menu at first, I thought I was getting ripped off and getting only one slider instead of 3. If presentation mattered, I would say this was sloppy work to make a combined threewich instead of 3 pretty mini sliders as pictured below from their menu on facebook.

But presentation doesn't really matter to me, taste does and this was a win on taste. I've never thought of putting Kalbi in a slider even though I have eaten the combination of Hawaiian dinner rolls and kalbi together but somehow the thought never occurred to me to put it together and sell it.

 2) Short rib burrito ($7): burrito with rice, short ribs, and lettuce.

My sister liked this because it contained the most meat and thus, biggest bang for your buck. However,  I need to repeat myself many times on this point, a burrito is a burrito is a burrito. You can take out the cheese and take out the beans and replace the meat with short ribs but it is still a burrito. And if it is a burrito, it does not taste good to me. I really wanted to like this because I thought it would not be like Mexican food at all. But there is just something so unpleasant to me about burritos. Even though the beef in here was the same as the beef in the sliders, I just didn't dig it.

 3) short rib taco ($2): need I say more?

This tasted fine. I mean it's the same kind of short ribs from the first two items so by the time I had those, I knew what I was in for. This one probably disappointed me the most, and here's why:

Look at this picture from their facebook menu. Wouldn't you think you'd get 3 with one order? I guess $2 for one is on par with the Tres Gringos taco stand but still...I felt mislead. 

Mogo's is alright. The short ribs are pretty good. I spent a total of $15 for the three items above which isn't bad. Somehow, I feel disappointed. I think Mogo's is so over-hyped that my expectations could not be met. It's seriously the biggest food trend in the South Bay at the moment. I just didn't like following my food around and waiting a ridiculously long time in my car for it. The most annoying thing about following a food truck is that where and when they are serving dinner is not announced until about 1hr prior. What if some of us have dinner plans already or don't wanna drive that far out for food that is just ok?!?!?! I guess I'm spoiled by the New York trucks that are available anytime and everywhere but chasing food trucks makes me grumpy.


  1. you burrito-hater. i probably wouldve loved mine. :)

  2. i agree: there can be such promise from a food truck, but the results can be mixed, looks tasty tho ;-)



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