Monday, June 14

New York 2010 - Junior's Bakery - Chickalicious - Ferrara Gelato - Magnolia Bakery

Chickalicious was hands down the most recommended New York eatery I was told to hit up by everyone before I went on my trip. Sadly, these desserts are anything but Chickalicious. Enjoy anyway, although I know you'll only begrudgingly indulge in these dessert pictures.

Here's the famous Junior's Bakery off Times Square. Famous according to Phil and his unknown sources.

The famous cheesecake he came to eat. I convinced him to get the little fella instead of the regular slice because we were already full from our other snacks that day. He grumbled but I'm sure he thanked me because this little guy was nothing special. There was no wow factor. I actually think Cheesecake Factory was better or on par with this.

After dumplings, Sherbearcares took us to Ferrara in Little Italy for gelato. We could've gone inside but instead we lined up for the cart outside because everything in New York must be eaten from a cart.

mmm an extensive selection of authentic gelato

Phil and I both got strawberry which was dumb now that I think about it. We should have divided and conquered two different flavors and chosen more exotic flavors that really showcase the gelato because really, anyone can make strawberry ice cream.

Two strawberry cones, with full scoops. Yummers! One of the best gelatos ever!

Here's the inside of Magnolia Cupcakes, also famous but is not Chickalicious. I'm surprised at how they look so mom and pop-like but is entirely commercial and touristy.

Non-cupcakes on display.

Their most popular cupcakes on display.

hmm what did I get?

A yummy red velvet. Frosting - pretty good. Appearance of frosting - not so pretty. Cupcake - not bad, a little dry. I think Sprinkles in Palo Alto is still the better.
We have Red Mango in California also, but I've never been so we made a stop after eating at Kun Jip in K-town. mm I love yogurt, more than I love gelato. 

Plain tart with strawberries, mangoes, and blackberries. This was berry berry good.

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