Monday, March 1

Shabu House - Burlingame

Happy belated birthday to VS and thanks to her, I got to try Shabu House in Burlingame, Japanese beef fondue.

We had soup options of Spicy Miso, Ginger Chicken Broth, and Traditional Water (is that like regular water?). Pictured above is the spicy miso soup with a ponzu soy sauce to the left and a peanut sauce on the right.

And here's the yummy yummy American Style Kobe beef platter, thinly sliced to perfection. Vegetable platters are pictured in the background.

Here's a yelp reviewer demonstrating the action of dipping the meat in the soup. This is why it's called shabu shabu, because when you swirl the meat in the soup, it makes a "shabu shabu" sound (you'll have to use your imaginations on this one). And how do I know this? Because my Japanese teacher told me.

However, adding insult to Japanese tradition, we just dumped all the meat and veggies in at once, and let it cook instead of dipping one piece at a time. So we basically ate hot pot style. Haha, way to entirely defeat the purpose of shabu shabu, but oh well, food is food.

No birthday celebration at a Japanese eatery is complete without sake bombs. Two parts Sapporo, one part sake, and all parts BOMB!

Green tea ice cream and wet bean. Yeah, you heard me, wet bean.

Because I think I'm losing readers lately, I'm going to add pictures of happy people. Such as the happy couple on the far left. Look how lovingly Julio rests on Kevin's shoulder.

On the other side of the table, feeling overly ecstatic about being the bread in a four female sandwich, Aaron and Richard decide to lean in closer like the creepers that they are. And someone on the right is trying to show off their baller status with a wad of cash.

The food was good. I'm not a huge fan of hot pot-style food but Shabu tastes better than Chinese style hot pot. I think what makes it is the ponzu dipping sauce. The peanut sauce was good too. The service was slow but they were so packed with large parties so I guess I'll go easy. Overall, great food, great people, great time! 



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